Specialty Series

2200 Synchro

The 2200 Synchronized skating boot is World-Class!

Designed to perform complicated footwork sequences, advanced moves in the field, jumps and spins the 2200 Synchronized ice skating boot will meet the need of the most demanding competitive team skater.

The synchro boot’s lower back seam height allows the ankle joint a superior range of motion while keeping the foot secure in its heel pocket. The newly designed padded comfort collar supports the Achilles tendon area with a cushioned synchro-cut backstay to guarantee ankle comfort during intricate footwork and toe pointing. The higher synchro heel and tapered midsole position the foot forward for balance and quick maneuvering. The freestyle-cut boot front retains support where synchronized skaters need it ̶ during landings. In addition, an innovative leather/cork heel and leather outsole provides weight reduction, optimal support and impact absorption.

Inside the synchro boot, TriFusion triple reinforcement provides our firmest support and can be heat molded for the perfect fit. TriFusion support is balanced with the comfort of foam padding covered with breathable perforated moisture resistant microfiber lining. This boot includes a taller toe box and an internal forefoot relief that increase foot comfort on the deepest edges.

This lightweight skate will perform and provide a superior fit season after season.

The 2200 Synchronized boot is available in Sandal, White and Black.

Boot shown with Eclipse Infinity blade

Skill & Support Levels

Skate Skill Level

  • Jr./Sr. Synchro

Boot Support Level

  • 85 – Firm


  • *Ladies: 4-10 Full/Half; AA, A, B, C

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* Non stock

Exclusive Features

  • Open Throat Design

  • Flex Notch

  • Anti-Rotational Lace Bar

  • Pre-Punched Ankle Area

  • Cushioned Backstay Collar

  • Forefoot Flex

  • Higher Toe Box Design

  • Quilted Tongue Pad Stitching

Perfect Eclipse Blades for 2200 Synchro

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