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3030 Aria

The lightweight 3030 Aria skates are the world’s lightest ice skates! 

The 3030 Aria ice skating boot is our most advanced, sleek, strong, and lightweight boot! This boot is designed for top competitors and high level freestyle skaters looking to gain a competitive edge.

The Aria has micro-internal midsole technology that reduces weight and keeps you closer to the ice for added control. They contain TriFusion triple reinforcement that provide the firmest support and can be heat molded for the perfect fit. Support is balanced with the comfort of a luxuriously, smooth and supple Genuine Kangaroo leather lining, that is thinner and ten times stronger than cow hide! Plus, this skate has a taller toe box and a forefoot relief to increase foot comfort on those perfect landings. The 3030 Aria has our innovative cork midsole and cork heel that provide; additional weight reduction, optimal support and impact absorption. These innovative midsoles are paired with water-resistant, ultra-thin, and ultra-tough outsoles to ensure that you are landing on a long-lasting and solid foundation.

The winning balance of long-lasting comfort and support in the 3030 Aria skating boot – the world’s lightest ice skates – is a top choice!

Now, you can also put a unique and creative flair on your boots!

Customize the 3030 Aria boot to your heart’s desire. Choose from a wide variety of colors and looks. If you can dream it, you can do it.  Learn more »

Boot shown with Eclipse Infinity Titanium blade


Skate Skill Level

  • Double, triple and quad jumps


  • White or Black

Boot Support Level

  • 100 – Extra Firm


  • Ladies: 4-10 Full/Half; AA, A, B, C, *AAA, *D
  • Mens: 4-13 Full/Half Nar, Med, Wide
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* Non stock

Exclusive Features

  • Available in Black

  • Open Throat Design

  • Flex Notch

  • Anti-Rotational Lace Bar

  • Lightweight Cork

  • Forefoot Flex

  • Hand-Rolled Collar

  • Higher Toe Box Design

  • Quilted Tongue Pad Stitching

  • Genuine Kangaroo Leather Lining

Perfect Eclipse Blades for 3030 Aria

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