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4 Tips for Safe Ice Skating

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It can be easy to feel cooped up during long, cold months of the year. But ice skating gives you a reason to head outdoors for some enjoyable time with family and friends. Or if outdoors isn’t your thing, you can head to an indoor skating rink year-round! While competitive figure skaters train every day, there are many people who skate for fun only a few times a year. 

Learning to ice skate can be difficult for many beginners, especially if you’re only skating for fun and without a coach to help. You’re bound to end up with a few bumps and bruises after your very first day out on the ice. Even professional skaters fall every day when training difficult jumps, so you don’t need to be too afraid of falling. 

Of course, you should still be aware of the potential dangers when you’re out on the ice. But these dangers are easily faced by adhering to some safe practices. Whether you’re an advanced skater or a complete beginner, it’s always good to take extra precaution! Consider reviewing the following tips.

1. Why Not Take a Class?

If you have never skated before, or have a young child who is just beginning, one of the best ways to learn how to skate is to find a group class at your local rink. A beginner class will go over the basic fundamentals of skating including gliding and learning how to fall properly to avoid serious injuries. 

Young children will likely start off with the Snowplow Sam program. This is a program consisting of introductory classes divided into three levels. It’s designed for preschool-age children with no prior skating experience to build confidence and strength on the ice while learning the basic skills of skating in a safe, comfortable environment. 

Older children and adults will likely participate in their local rinks Learn to Skate program. Classes in this program allow a skater the opportunity to work on developing skills in ice skating. Many younger kids go through the program to learn specific skills related to ice sports, including figure skating and ice hockey. As an older child or adult, this is a great way to learn the basics of ice skating in order to have a more enjoyable time while recreationally skating. 

2. Wear the Proper Gear

Having the proper gear is one of the most important aspects of skating. When you wear the wrong size or low-quality skates, you can end up with blisters and sore feet. If you plan to skate several times throughout the year, it could be wise to invest in your own pair of ice skates. However, those who choose to rent should ask their local rink to help find the right size of skates to ensure comfort out on the ice. 

3. Be Sure to Take it Slow

Getting out on the ice for the first time can be very exciting, but you don’t want to get too excited, injuring yourself in the process. First-time skaters should take it nice and slow, as well as those who may not have skated in a while. This will ensure you get used to the feeling of having ice skates on, what gliding on the ice is like, and how to stop and start. Stay close to the edge of the rink to ensure you have something to grab on to in case you begin to lose your balance.  

4. Don’t Forget to Bundle Up!

There’s no doubt ice skating can be chilly—even indoors. Make sure you’re wearing the proper clothing so you can stay warm and avoid any cold weather ailments like frostbite. You could, for example, wear warm leggings, gloves, a hat, proper socks on your skates, and a light coat. Many regular skaters wear sweat-wicking athletic clothes to help keep the sweat off their bodies. We recommend dressing in layers, as you may get hot while skating around. Avoid wearing shorts, as you could injure yourself when falling. 

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