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What makes men’s figure skates different than those worn by women? While there aren’t many major differences, men’s figure skates tend to be wider and built with more firmness to accommodate harder landings on the ice during difficult jumps. When you want top-of-the-line figure skates for men, Riedell has your back. Our skating boots enhance performance, comfort, and fit. At any and every skill level, you’ll be able to trust the quality of Riedell skating products. 

Quality, innovation, and excellence are all characteristics which we pride ourselves on at Riedell. For four generations, we have redefined quality in the skating industry by using only the best materials to create handcrafted, reliable, elegant figure skating boots. By partnering with top organizations and growing to become a leader in the skating industry, we have been able to advocate for lower heel heights, building more durable ice products, and using lighter, longer-lasting materials. Here at Riedell, we are proud to stand behind our products, customers, and skaters. 

Our dedication to craftsmanship and quality is evident in our selection of men’s figure skates. We’ve handcrafted our skates in Red Wing, Minnesota, for over 70 years. Our boots and blades are built to withstand the extreme wear and tear of serious men’s figure skaters, ice dancers, or pairs skaters. We use only the most reliable materials to produce unmatched comfort and durability. When you’re in need of figure skates for men, whether on the ice for practicing or performing, Riedell skates can provide the ideal level of support and style.  

Finding the Right Fit

There’s nothing worse than a poorly-fitted figure skate. Incorrectly sized boots can be uncomfortable, impact performance, lead to premature aging of the boot, and even cause injury to the skater. Before purchasing your men’s figure skates, you may want to do some research on fitting procedures. It’s common for skaters to assume their boot size will be the same as their street shoe size. However, each brand of skates has sizing unique to the manufacturer. To determine your best fit for Riedell figure skates, visit one of our authorized dealers or view our sizing chart online. 

Your skates are one of the most important contributors to the success of your figure skating career, and it’s vital to purchase a pair that fit your feet today—not tomorrow. This will help prevent injury and discomfort from skates that are too large or narrow. Be sure to examine all parts of your foot for support and comfort during your fitting. Is your foot resting comfortably flat in the skate? Is there adequate arch support? Does the boot have the desired firmness and strength around the ankle? Key questions like these will help you determine whether or not you have the correct fit.

Additionally, remember that a professional will be able to assist you in finding the right fit. Feel free to ask your authorized Riedell dealer plenty of questions throughout your fitting. They are thoroughly trained and informed about Riedell figure skating products and have the knowledge needed to find you the perfect boots. 

How to Choose Your Men’s Figure Skates

When it comes time to actually choose a boot and blade for your men’s figure skates, you’ll need to assess your skill level. As you progress in skating and master more advanced moves, your equipment will also need to adjust. Some boots and blades will be better suited for certain skills and ability levels. 

Choosing the right boot and blade combo can seem daunting at first, but each component of Riedell skates is designed with performance in mind—so you can’t go wrong. Here are some of our available men’s figure skates.

119 Emerald Skates

119 Emerald Figure Skate

The 119 Emerald skate is ideal for beginners. It offers light support with double reinforcement and a leather tongue that adds protection and strength. The PVC sole unit and Dri-Lex lining keep feet dry, and the newly designed, padded Achilles tendon collar provides added comfort. Paired with the stainless steel Luna blade, these skates will provide excellent performance. This boot and blade combo is the perfect option for skaters at the basic instructional level. 

223 Stride Skates

223 Stride Mens Figure Skate

The 223 Stride skates are ideal for skaters who are beginning to learn single jumps and slightly more advanced skills beyond basic instructional. This boot offers medium ankle support for lasting comfort and ease on the ice. Double reinforced leather uppers, soles, and tongue provide additional levels of protection and strength. The Dri-Lex lining and traditional hand-rolled collar create an ideal fit and make care easy. Paired with carbon steel Cosmos blades, this figure skate offers beauty and strength like no other. 

910 Flair Skates

910 Flair Mens Figure skate boots

The 910 Flair skates offer a firm support level ideal for skaters who are mastering single and double jumps. These lightweight skates boast leather soles, heels, and tongue reinforcements that provide skating stability for all single and double rotation jumps. The nickel stud, three-hook lacing pattern ensures that a skater’s heels are kept in place and that the tongue will not sink or rotate, while the low-rise, low-cut boot back with cushioned backstay collars includes Achilles tendon padding to enhance comfort and range of motion. With Dri-Lex and EVA foam padding, your feet will stay dry and comfortable. Combine this boot with the Eclipse Quantum blade for graceful movement and unbeatable stability.

3030 Aria Skates

3030 Aria Mens Figure Skate Boots

The Aria skates from Riedell’s lightweight collection are a top choice among professional skaters! This boot is designed for dedicated skaters looking to gain a competitive edge. The TriFusion triple reinforcement offers our firmest level of support, with the ability to be heat molded for the perfect fit. With a taller toe box and internal forefoot relief, the comfort level of this lightweight boot can’t be beaten. The Aria includes a perforated leather lining that has an antimicrobial treatment to allow longer wear and increased breathability. Paired with the Eclipse Infinity Titanium blade, you’ll be gliding effortlessly out there on the ice. 

Why Choose Riedell Skates?

When you want skates built with heritage, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in mind, look no further than Riedell. Our solid reputation for quality and history of serving the ice skating industry can be seen in the details of our figure skates. No other brand offers our wide range of sizes and customization options. We pride ourselves on innovation and design every boot and blade to help you skate at your best. Our boots hit the perfect balance of fit, comfort, support, and durability that you need at practices and performances alike. 

We can create men’s figure skates to fit all of your unique needs. Custom skates offer a variety of additional benefits, from personalized color schemes and firmness to heel height. Our master craftsmen can create allowances for prescription orthotics, high or low arches, extra toe room, and much more. 

When your safety and performance depend on solid footwear, don’t settle for anything less than high-quality figure skates. Boots that are made just for your feet will keep you more comfortable and help you perform at your peak. Head to one of our authorized dealers today, or contact us for more information about our men’s figure skates.

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