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For four generations, we’ve created a tradition of excellence through innovation and fresh design. We handcraft reliable, elegant ice skating boots in Red Wing, Minnesota, using only the highest quality components. Our custom ice skating boots and accessories enhance comfort, fit and performance. We’ll keep you on the ice, in better form and ahead of the competition.

At every skill level, you can trust your passion to our proven products. Wear Riedell, wear the best to be your best!
You’ll win with Riedell! Just ask any of our Team Riedell skaters.

Eclipse Titanium

Get the ice under your control with ultra lightweight Titanium blades. Choose from cross milled or straight cut toe picks in strong Swedish Stainless Steel.

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Why Riedell?

We have skating in our blood and we are passionate about making skates that meet skater’s needs for support, comfort and long-lasting quality. We back our skates with exceptional customer service. Plus, Riedell boots and Eclipse blades are the only skates endorsed by the PSA.

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Open Throat Design

Look for our open throat designs for a better fit. A wider lacing pattern allows for improved fit – offered from the Gem Series through the Aria.

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Forefoot Flex

Inside the boot structure we’ve created forefoot flex to increase comfort of the skater’s little toe and ball joint.

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Kangaroo Leather

A strong and luxuriously smooth lining that offers skaters ultimate comfort. You won’t want to take these boots off!

See the Aria 3030

Footbed Kit

Get better on-ice performance with a custom fit. Introducing
R-Fit, our comprehensive foot support system designed by a leading podiatrist especially for ice skaters. Instruction book included.

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Riedell Backpack

Count on our signature backpack to conveniently store gear plus snacks, phone, water bottle and other at rink necessities made from durable 600 Denier Nylon.

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Riedell Laces

Your beautiful boots deserve only the best, so Riedell’s spun poly and textured poly laces last longer and don’t tear as easily as others. Available in white, beige and black.

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Travel Bag

Everything you want in a travel bag is here! Telescoping handle with easy-roll wheels and reinforced wheel carriage. Padded top handle. Velcro strap handle. Spacious interior. Super tough Denier nylon.

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