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Skate Care

Boot Care and Accessories

Take care of your boots and they will care for your feet. Keep your boots looking good for a long time with a few minutes of simple skate care after each session on the ice.

3 Basic Steps in Skate Care:

  1. Wipe boots down inside and out because moisture and bacteria from your feet can attack leather and cause mold or other damage.
  2. Loosen the laces and pull the tongue forward to let your boots dry. It’s tempting to store your boots in a locker or skate bag immediately after practice, but it is always best to let your skates dry at room temperature.
  3. We recommend using Silicone Protectant to prevent moisture buildup in the leather. Talk to your dealer about this and other boot care products.

4 products that we recommend to keep your skates looking great:

  1. Riedell Lacing Hooks: Proper lacing—not too tight and not too loose—is vital for a comfortable fit. Our lacing hooks help you get the perfect fit easily and comfortably in your Riedell skates. Molded for hand comfort, they make lacing a breeze!
  2. Riedell Laces: Your beautiful boots deserve only the best, so Riedell’s laces last longer and don’t tear easily. Available in white, beige and black. Find the length that is right for your Riedell Skates with our lace chart.
  3. Sno Seal®: is a beeswax-based waterproofing formula for leather outsoles that protects boots from moisture buildup. The formula dries as solid wax, so it stays on your boots longer to keep them dry, warm, and light. We recommend using Sno Seal for every leather outsole boot pair, before mounting blades. If you have boots with Hydro-Shield or PVC outsole, Sno Seal is not needed.

Looking for more information? Check our Frequently Asked Questions for more.

Blade Care

The condition of your blades directly impacts your performance on the ice. The key is to keep edges in top condition and blade maintenance begins as soon as you step off of the ice.

6 Simple Tips for Blade Care:

  1. Wear blade guards as soon as you leave the ice or rubberized surface to avoid scraping or chipping the top layer of chrome off your blades, leaving the steel underneath vulnerable to corrosion from moisture.
  2. When you remove your skates and take off your guards, wipe the blades and mounting surfaces dry. This prevents screws from rusting and your boot leather from rotting. Use blade soakers to protect your blades as they return to room temperature.
  3. Wipe blades again after letting them sit for a couple of minutes because water droplets (condensation) will form on your blades as they return to room temperature.
  4. When it’s time to store blades in your skate bag, always put them in soakers. These help to draw off any remaining moisture and protect blade edges while inside your bag. Also, don’t store your blades in hard guards. Hard guards hold moisture against the metal surface of blades and can cause rust damage.
  5. Make sure your blade guards are in good condition, and replace them when necessary.
  6. Finally, have your blades sharpened regularly by a trained technician for best results.

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