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Find the Eclipse Blade that's right for you


Wondering which blade to choose?

Find the Eclipse Blade that's right, based on your skating skill level, using the blade guide chart below.

We designed Eclipse Blades with skating performance in mind and the best materials – from carbon steel and stainless steel to aluminum and titanium. We have selected the most popular and tested blade profiles and weighed blade features against performance expectations. 

This helpful blade guide divides skating skills into categories called “Riedell Ranges.” Each range matches jumps and skating skill levels to equipment appropriate for the skill range. Several Eclipse Blade model options are available at each range. Whatever your skating skill level, Eclipse Blades has a perfect blade for you.

When selecting new equipment, consider the skater's discipline of focus, and the jumps that they are working on. A recreational or beginner skater has different needs for equipment than a competitive skater. Eclipse Blades offer a wide variety of blade profiles and we understand that it is critical to skating performance to have the best possible blade features for the skills being performed.

Still unsure which product to buy? We recommend speaking with a coach who can provide a recommendation or an Authorized Riedell Dealer who can help you to find your perfect blade.


Find your Eclipse Blade Chart

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