Figure Skate Boots FAQs

All your questions about figure skate boots answered including finding, purchasing and fitting information! Keep reading to learn more. Have a question of your own? Email us and we’ll get right on it.

1. How do I decide which brand of figure skate boots to purchase?

Your coach and the dealer may make recommendations, but as the skater, you (with input from your parents) should base your decision on boot quality, options and personal preference.

Seven key factors to look for in a brand:

  1. A solid reputation for quality and a history of serving the ice skating industry.
  2. A wide range of models and sizes to choose from.
  3. The ability to customize so you can make modifications to meet your specific skating needs.
  4. A wide range of pricing to meet your budget.
  5. A solid dealer network.
  6. Knowledgeable sales staff and reliable customer service teams.
  7. Quality information regarding product offerings to help you make a decision you will be happy with.
2. How do I decide which figure skate boot model to purchase?

The boot model depends on your skating discipline and level as well as feedback from your coach and the dealer. Check out our boot guide and our blade guide.

3. How do I know if the dealer is qualified to meet my needs?

Dependable dealers have a reputation for quality products and service. Find an awesome authorized Riedell dealer near you. Talk with your skater friends, parents and coaches to get their recommendations. Always remember—if the dealer is unable or unwilling to help you with your product, fit or questions, search for another dealer.

4. Is it important to purchase a quality figure skate boot for a beginner?

Yes! Ice skating is not a natural or inherent sport. A quality figure skate boot gives the support and durability a beginner skater will need to succeed, continue to learn and also provides the comfort to enjoy the activity.

5. Should I purchase figure skates that are slightly large for my child to allow room for growth?

No. Purchasing oversized skates not only will result in poor performance, discomfort and possible injury, it will also cause early product failure. Do buy figure skates that will last the entire skating season for growing skaters, but no longer.

6. How do I know if my figure skate boot fits right?

A boot that fits right is the key to being the best skater you can be. Always purchase your figure skate boots from a knowledgeable, reputable dealer whom is willing and able to answer your fitting questions. To make sure that your boot fits correctly, keep the following six tips in mind:

  1. Do not choose a figure skate boot based on shoe size or “rule of thumb” conversion. All shoe brands and skates fit differently.
  2. Your boot is long enough if there is no more extra length than1/4 inch for adults and 3/8 inch for children. An easy trick to use to measure the approximate length of the boot is to take out the footbed and carefully place your foot on the removed footbed while standing. If the ball of your foot is too far forward, in most cases, the boot will be too short. If the ball of your foot is too far back in the arch of the skate, the boot is too long.
  3. Proper figure skate boot width is just as important as proper boot length. Figure skates that fit too wide or too narrow cause discomfort, possible injury, poor performance and premature product failure. When selecting the proper width, take a look at the lacing pattern of the figure skate when the skate is snuggly laced on your foot. If the laces are too close together, the skate is either too long, too wide or both. If the lacing pattern is too wide, the skate is either too narrow or too short or both.
  4. A figure skate boot that fits right should be snug in the heel, arch and ball of your foot with generous toe room for slight movement to maintain proper balance.
  5. For areas that are a bit too snug, your boots can be pressed or stretched in those areas, rather than upsizing. Pressing or stretching your boots increasing comfort, gives you semi-custom fitting and reduces foot slippage.
  6. When being fit, ask questions and answers. A qualified dealer should be able to explain their fitting actions and recommendations. Proper fit is the key to skating comfort and success!
7. How do I properly lace my figure skates?

There are many ways to lace a figure skate boot. Make sure you take the time to lace your skates so they fit snuggly on your feet. Ask your coach or contact your dealer if difficulties arise, and check out our Lacing Video:

8. What is the best way to care for my figure skate boots?

Riedell provides a care guide with each pair of skating boots. Qualified dealers can also answer any questions you may have. In addition, check out our online step-by-step skate care guide. The biggest enemy to your figure skates is moisture—internal moisture from perspiration and external moisture from snow and ice. Be sure to air dry your boots after each use and polish your boots with a quality polish to block exterior moisture absorption. All leather soles should be waterproofed with 4 to 5 coats of Sno-Seal wax before you first use them.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask by posting a comment below! Or visit your authorized Riedell dealer.

9. How much ankle support do Riedell skates offer?

We assign a support rating level to all our skates based on a 100 point scale. 100 is the most firm and supportive level. For example, the Riedell Aria model has our strongest support level of 100 and is capable of providing the most demanding skater the ankle support necessary to perform triple and quad revolution jumps yet offers the most comfortable skate using top quality materials that give the skater the lightest boot available. Visit our Boot Product page to see how each Riedell boot is rated. There are choices for extra firm, firm, medium and light. For example, our 910 Flair is rated level 70 for firm support while the 133 Diamond offers medium support at level 40. No matter your support needs, we have a skate for you.

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