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Elena Radionova

Elena Radionova has quickly become one of the best skaters in the world—and with multiple gold medals in her first season at the senior level, she has the hardware to prove it. Radionova is also the first ladies skater in history to win two World Junior Championship titles. Although she was too young to compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Russian native is a name to watch for 2018.

The Russian ladies are on a roll and Elena Radionova is a fierce competitor. Elena “Lena” is making some changes for the 2018 Olympic season with a new coach and outside choreographic support that the world is sure to recognize. Keep your eyes out for Lena in 2017-18!

  Riedell Boots: 2010 Fusion
  Coach: Elena Buyanova


  2017 World Team Trophy, 2nd SP, 5th FS
  2017 Winter Universidad, 1st
  2017 Russian Championships, 5th
  2016 Grand Prix Final, 6th
  2016 Cup of China Cup, 1st
  2016 Rostelecom Cup, 2nd
  2016 Team Challenge Cup, 2nd
  2016 World Championships, 6th
  2016 European Championships, 2nd
  2015 Russian Championships, 2nd
  2015 Grand Prix Final, 3rd
  2015 Rostelecom Cup, 1st
  2015 Cup of China Cup, 3rd
  2015 World Team Challenge Cup, 2nd
  2015 World Championships, 3rd
  2015 European Championships, 2nd
  2015 Russian Championships, 1st
  2014-2015 Grand Prix Final, 2nd
  2014 Trophée Éric Bompard, 1st
  2014 Skate America, 1st
  2014 Japan Open, 1st
  2014 Russian Championships, 3rd
  2013-2014 Grand Prix Final, 4th
  2013 NHK Trophy, 2nd
  2013 Skate America, 3rd
  2013 Nebelhorn Trophy, 1st
  2014 World Junior Championships, 1st
  2013 World Junior Championships, 1st

Connect with Elena

Instagram: @lenok_radionova

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